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‘Grassification’: publicatie projectpartners bric

Projectpartners Millvision en Avans hebben in samenwerking met Hogeschool Gent een publicatie geschreven. Het rapport is te lezen via deze link.

Het ‘Grassification Project’, wordt als volgt omschreven in het rapport:

“Roadside grass clippings are a problem fraction throughout the 2 Seas Programme area due to their high volume, subject to high processing costs. The industrial sector, however, is interested in the possibility of using roadside grass clippings as an alternative resource (as opposed to fossil sources or dedicated agricultural produce, e.g. isolation material). The common challenges for applying roadside grass clippings as a renewable feedstock in industrial processes are currently threefold:

• the supply chains are not yet optimal, resulting in higher costs;
• a highly variable and heterogeneous quantity;
• an unsupportive institutional framework leading to legal and political challenges.”

Meer informatie over dit project staat hier.